In 1991 I was a demonstrating artist at the Scottsdale Artist’s School “Best and Brightest’” art show event.  Kathy Mackey was hired as a model for my demonstration in pastel.  She announced herself as a professional to all who wished to photograph her, and she allowed only one free photo.  At the end of our session I made arrangements to hire her late one afternoon.  She came with her two young daughters, one dressed as a Navajo.  The buckskin dress she wore was loaned by Tom Darro, a well known artist that I admire who has painted her often.  I shot five rolls of film in the parking lot, and am finally working with this material.  For the painting background I used a plein air study that I did in the mountains near Scottsdale at a later date.  Having spent much of my life in the Southwest, I have lots of cactus reference material.

*Richeson 75 Portrait/Figure 2012 Competition, Kimberly, WI, meritorious recognition in the exhibit catalog