“KEEPING THE TRADITION”      Oil Paintings and Pastels by Donna Catotti

          PRICE LIST


“Waiting for the Wave”         oil on canvas                 20”x24”                    $5000

“Color Study for Keeping the Tradition From Afar”   oil     16”x8”          NFS

“Study in Black and White”    oil on canvas panel    8”x10”                     $500

“Keeping the Tradition From Afar”  oil on canvas  40”x20”                  NFS

“Gabrielle”          oil on linen panel                              24”x18”                    $3000

“Nude Study at Incamminati”   oil on canvas panel  20”x16”                $2000

“Camelias on the Entry Table”    oil on canvas panel   10”x7¼”            $650

“1703”         oil on canvas panel, plein air study      12”x8”                       NFS

“Guitar Man”                              oil on linen panel       20”x16”                  $3500

“Still Life With Canyon Driftwood”  oil on canvas   16”x12”                $1500

“Watchful Eyes in the Garden”        oil on canvas     18”x22”                $5000

“Twins”                  oil on canvas panel                          6”x8”                        $450

“The Cannery on a Gray Afternoon”    oil on canvas  8”x10”                   $550

“Skunk Cabbage”                 oil on canvas                     10”x8”                      $550

“Chinese Garden, Portland”   oil on canvas panel   12”x8”                      $650

“Near Chuck Creek”          oil on canvas                  5”x7”                        $350

“Summer Solstice Time”     oil on canvas                9”x12”                  $750

“Along River Road”             pastel                            14”x11”                    $800

“Blues Harp”                     pastel on Canson                19”x13”                  $1200

“Sierra Song”                       pastel                              25”x19”               $2500

“Dream Studies”                oil on canvas                      26”x24”                  $6000

“Rose Festival Dancers, Kazanlak, Bulgaria”  oil on canvas  36”x24”  $7000

“Girl With Peacock Earrings”      oil on canvas         30”x20”                    $6000

“Buckskin Bill of Salmon River”   oil on canvas       20”x16”                    $3500

“Wind In Her Hair”         oil on canvas                         24”x18”                    $5000

“Peaceful Warrior – A Veteran”  oil on linen panel  23”x26”                  $5000

“Autumn Tidal Flats on the Chilkat River” pastel on board  16”x20”  $1600

“Local Transportation”       pastel                                 9¼”x 6”             $500

“Seeps at Nankoweap – Grand Canyon”   pastel     13”x19”                  $1200

“Fishing Buddies”    pastel on Canson                    16”x26”                   $2200

“At the Cove – Past and Present”        pastel           13”x21¾”                 $1350

“Slough on the Tatshenshini”         pastel                      6”x4”                      $250

“On the Pass Near Three Guardsman”   pastel        10”x6”                        $500

“Lisa’s Southeast Sunset”      pastel on Canson        9”x12½”                   $700

“Pyramid Island”                pastel                            9¼”x12¼”              $700