“Hot Summer Day” (unfinished yet in photos) is intended to be a limited edition bronze table top sculpture that sits in a 12” diameter blue ceramic dish with ½” of water (to the level of the lily pads) and several unusual Alaskan rocks.  The edition will be 10-15, starting with several and doing more later.  The boy is playing with a garden hose by a lily pond on a hot summer day.  Originally I had intended to have a very small pump with running water.  Now I am trying to have the feel of water with no pump.  I am working with a glass torch artist to create a ”spurt of water” in clear glass that could be inserted into the hose, which would be 1/8” metal tubing.   The rock on which he stands should have some patination that looks similar to rock samples I will provide.  The rest of the sculpture will be ordinary bronze with no extra coloration.