The peacock earrings caught my attention and I wondered if it would be possible to paint such a wonder of natural beauty, so I bought them.  The hand-painted silk scarf was made by my dear friend Cosmo, and it is my favorite.  Leah, my neice, is one of my favorite models, and I often sketch her in the summers while we are at the beach.  Last year I brought the earrings and scarf with me and posed Leah outside for a photo shoot.

This pose was chosen, in great part, for the sparkle of light on the gold metal of the earring.  It was clearly the highest keyed spot in the image and I could imagine the light refracted from its source.  But could I paint the refracted light without making it look hokey?  I am not sure that I was wholly successful with either part of the earrings, but it was fun and challenging to try.

*Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 119th Open Exhibition finalist, National Arts Club, New York City, Dec. 1 – 18, 2015

*Richeson 75 Portrait/Figure 2013 Finalist, Richeson Gallery,Kimberly, WI, Sept. 16 – Oct. 25