I was commissioned to paint Lucy’s portrait by the board of Haines Assisted Living, a facility she helped finance.  It has been my privilege to get to know her a bit during this process.  At 88, she has had a very full, interesting and adventurous life.  She has a degree in medieval history, has been a rancher and farmer, a mother, an airplane pilot, a boat captain, and a philanthropist.  For twenty years she has piloted her own boat between the Seattle area and Haines, with her lady friends on board.  The reference material for this painting came from Deborah Marshall, who traveled to Bellingham with Lucy in 2012.  It is a great active pose that seems to capture her spirit.  Lucy also posed for sketches, color studies, a few more photos, and a sitting in my studio at the end of the process.  To me, Lucy is an amazing person and I hope my painting expresses this.  She is an inspiration for my own elder years ahead.